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Employment Badge app redesign project app redesign project

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the younger generation of new stock investors has increased globally. Thanks to that, the number of MTS downloads has increased significantly. I also started investing in stocks when COVID-19 occurred and downloaded and used numerous MTS. Among many MTS, I often use to check stock prices and get information. I suggested an improved service for the inconvenience I felt while using this service.

Smile kit design for pediatric cancer kids

Smile kit design for pediatric cancer kids

I learned how to use human perception and ergonomics through the Human Factors class. I applied this method to actual physical projects with team members in class. We made a smart kit for children with childhood cancer. This kit was named SMILE KIT, meaning to give laughter to patients suffering from childhood cancer. This kit is for providing warm comfort and encouragement to children who have childhood cancer. And also, this kit is for educating children and their parents about the childhood cancer treatment process.