Transportation Design

Bradley Fowler



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This watercraft was specifically designed to take in water that it rides over, convert it into hydrogen, and use that hydrogen as combustible fuel. The package comes with a variety of features never-before-seen on boats, such as the wide rear end that holds the hydrogen fuel tanks, as well as the reverse gull-wing hatch made out of acrylic on the bow of the boat.


\\\'Bison\\\' is a project that was sponsored by American Chemistry Council in Fall of 2022, depicting a self-sufficient recreational vehicle. This specific design revolved around the idea of archaeology harnessing the use of drone deployment, for tasks such as geological survey and identifying resources / fossils in the terrain. The motor is electrically charged by solar energy, and the materials are mainly created from natural composited such as carbon-based meshes and reinforced cellulose fibers. This is what gives the vehicle its self-sustainability.

Light Runner

Light Runner

This vehicle was designed to fit the scale specifications of a B-segment vehicle, resulting in a lightweight and compact vehicle, specifically thriving in off-road capabilities. With an electric motor being charged by roof-mounted solar arrays, this modular vehicle provides a new level of versatility, and can be used to get into tight spaces that a regular vehicle otherwise cannot. It also features a sporty and kinetic shape that indicates the extreme traction and power applied to wherever it\\\'s driving.