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Apply Due September 29, 2023
About the Center

The Practicing Design Center at the College for Creative Studies serves as a central hub for collaborations across the campus, uniting students and faculty from various disciplines. Together, they engage in creative and impactful projects that actively contribute to the progress of both internal and external stakeholders, with a specific focus on nonprofit organizations and community partners.

Throughout its history, CCS has consistently fostered partnerships that leverage the creative abilities of students and faculty to meet the needs of nonprofit and community organizations. These collaborations have proven to be instrumental in driving positive change and making a lasting impact.

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    Edu Partnerships Project

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    Students Engaged

Mission & Goals

We provide educational partnership opportunities for students and industry leading professionals to create impactful work and empower the next generation to shape a successful future.

Success Stories

  • Always With You

    Life Remodeled
    Communication Design students engaged in research to develop a series of uniquely informed brand strategies for Life Remodeled and Durfee Innovation Society that define the complex relationship between the two partners.
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  • Passport to Self-Sufficiency

    COTS Detroit
    Graduate Students students helped to design a touch-point action plan for COTS’ Passport to Self-Sufficiency™ pilot phase that has been developed to create poverty-resistant families.
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  • Branding Strategies

    Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce
    Communication Design students developed informed community branding strategies for the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce and their efforts to support their community through strategic outreach, municipal services, local citizens, and small business entrepreneurs.
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Experiential Learning
at the College

As the College works to realize its vision to prepare, support, and inspire people from all backgrounds, to fulfill their creative potential, achieve their goals, and make a difference in a challenging world, there continues to be a growing need for real-world hands-on experiences to support students’ growth as designers and professionals. A cornerstone of our vision for the future is providing each student with a hands-on learning experience that extends beyond the classroom and provides them with the opportunity to:

  • Goals Icon

    Goals & Experience

    Connect their academic journey to their professional goals and experiences

  • Project Management Icon

    Project Management

    Develop critical interpersonal and project management skills

  • Critical Thinking Icon

    Critical Thinking

    Develop problem-solving, critical thinking skills and reflection practices

  • Increased Opportunities Icon

    Increased Opportunities

    Increased experiential learning opportunities for all students

  • Resume & Portfolio Icon

    Resume & Portfolio

    Expand their resume and portfolio

  • Professional Network Icon

    Professional Network

    Grow their professional network


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Apply Due September 29, 2023

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Fall Semester: September – December
Winter Semester: January – April

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