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Assembly Adjective

Assembly Adjective

A notion thought up in the arts and crafts department. The acronym “XG3” combines three separate characters into one. A new year\'s resolution for the year two thousand thirteen, started as a simple line drawing and was brought to light with the flesh and animation of life. Started as a sketch “G” being the center of the crossroads of the letter “X” and the number “3”. Drawing inspiration from chiseled stone also known as “relief cutting” look & feel. Motion and assembly Inspired by manufacturing processes as well as early Detroit basketball motion sequences (inflation). Concept & Creation Choose a favorable action verb to create an interesting motion graphic. Word Chose : Assembly. I took the original line drawing and gave it more dimensions, transferring it to thicker paper. Then scoring and folding the paper to get the desired dimension. Light and photograph created subject. Digital rendering as well as motion sequencing and adding sound effects. Intended takeaway from this project was something that was to be created in a manufacturing plant assembled with the aid of force or power of tools. Completion, fresh off the assembly line. Overall satisfied with the given outcome given time constraints. Adding an existing background to give the piece more depth or to give more room for effects such as steam or smoke, shine or glow for the piece could have been further necessary to help exhibit a metal texture. Conclusion :Took an existing idea logo or idea and paired it to an action, i gave it a job to do. I created and photographed real tangible assets then brought them into the digital world. The word assembly gave inspiration for the ability to creatively experiment by incorporating the world of metal and tools. Using detroit inspiration ques made it able to pair these attributes to create a cohesive structure that exists in motion format. Clearly exhibiting the concept at play while still being able to bring user interest in motion format. The significance of the sound and motion pairing is what helps to deliver both of these motion pieces.