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Whitney Hockman



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826 Bangor

826 Bangor

826 Bangor is a fictional chapter of 826 National that features a tutoring center and storefront based on the city. Bangor, Maine boasts an interesting history and eccentric population. I chose to draw inspiration from former Bangor resident and chewing gum inventor, John B. Curtis. The overarching theme is based around the talented and creative people of Bangor finding the joy in everyday, small town life and creating something extraordinary. Bubbles follow this theme because they are found in everyday items, like soap or soda, but they are undoubtedly fun and exciting. I created a branding system focused on bubbles and circular geometry. The final product is a cohesive system that works across mediums for the 826 Bangor storefront, Pop Up Shop, and the 826 tutoring center.


This is a fan made lyric video for Grouplove’s song “Deleter.” The concept for this video was focused on finding a community on social media, and using your community for good against larger forces. All animation is done in After Effects using simple techniques, typography, and imagery. I was inspired by old school computer imagery, and social media interfaces.

Riso Kit

The Risograph Kit is a collection of print material meant to educate people on the Risograph with a focus on activism. The Risograph printer is a digital duplicator machine that uses soybean ink and prints one color at a time. The kit includes an informational pamphlet and poster, a book with information on history and activism, and cards intended for people to create their own design. The kit is primarily Risograph printed, except for a section of the book that is laser printed to highlight the work of other artists. This project was research based, and I enjoyed writing all the copy and learning more about the Risograph to create the kit. After research and design, I spent quite a bit of time on production with the Risograph. When printing was finalized, I selected a clear envelope to allow people to see the Risograph colors before they open the kit. My biggest takeaway from this project was putting together a strong final presentation for a system. I initially struggled with integrating all the pieces, but eventually decided to use simple overlapping stripes on each piece. I picked the clear envelope to highlight these stripes, and showcase how the system works together.