Communication Design

Lauren Elizabeth Moore



  • Branding/Identity Design
  • Motion design
  • Publication Design
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Electric Forest Poster

Electric Forest Poster

I designed a poster for the EDM festival \"Electric Forest\" held in Rothbury, Michigan. I chose this event because of my love for EDM music, and I wanted to showcase its lively, free, and fun essence through my design. Additionally, I aimed to incorporate natural elements into the poster as the festival takes place amidst a beautiful forest next to Lake Michigan.

Fashion & Type Book

Fashion & Type Book

I created a serif font named \'Iris\' for my book, drawing sketches on paper before digitizing it. The book has 40 pages and features every letter of the alphabet, numbers, and special characters. The font\'s design radiates delicacy, classiness, and sophistication.

Compost Pal

The goal of this project is to create a map of the origin and evolution of a societal issue while keeping in mind the needs of a particular audience (known as human-centered design). By comprehending the complexity and trajectory of the problem, teams can take action and intervene to address the specific issue identified in their research. The task requires students to work in groups of three and focus on climate-related problems affecting Detroit and the Greater Wayne County area.

Hepburn Cards

The aim of the project was to produce a set of 12 two-sided cards utilizing a Surrealist game that uses the device of analogy, to generate visual content related to a contemporary/historical personality of choice. While designing the cards, I paid attention to the use of scale, color, hierarchy, and the overall coherence of the cards.