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Nomad Sanctuary

Nomad Sanctuary

Project Scope “Ford asks students to redefine the Bronco and the Bronco brand for the year 2040. Bronco embodies the spirit of self discovery, guiding us to seek the unknown, creating new paths for generations to explore and experience in the natural world. With the world constantly evolving, becoming more aware and connected, especially to nature, we will need to advance societal progression through sustainability and efficiency. How can Bronco lead this societal movement and inspire future dreamers to explore and create a positive impact in our ever-expanding universe, expanding beyond physical products only, but ecosystems, digital tools and services, as well as communities.” BRONCO The core values Bronco brand has established are fitting for those who express deep relation to the outdoors, Allowing Bronco to continue what it has already been doing we look to further enhance these experiences by establishing adventure experience suiting multiple customer types all maintaining a sense of trust and comfort. Nomadic Life Style In 2040, congestion in the city opens up an overconsumption of energy, people have started escaping from that over population living outside of the traditional city boundaries. People will no longer have to belong to one space. As remote working and nomadic visas become reality, enables us to revisit our exploratory ancestral lifestyle. Evolving into a nomadic way of life, having freedom of self discovery. Hyper Focus on Brand Experience As nomadic lifestyle becomes more prevalent within our cultures and societies Bronco can pave the way for the future by blurring the boundaries between company, community, and collective. Offering Bronco Sanctuary as a brand experience. Nomad Sanctuary Our Sanctuary would offer nomads a landing pad and opportunity to continue to connect with nature offering the Bronco to assist them on their journey where they come wild & stay free. Focusing on creating community and connection. We look to place these Sanctuaries globally allowing for many people from all over to experience the Bronco Brand. Here we are focusing on a Sanctuary in Iceland due to its diverse terrain and open environment.