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MFA Graduate Thesis : Eternal Air

MFA Graduate Thesis : Eternal Air

In 2075, air pollution throughout the world has reached a critical point. 97% of the global population is breathing significantly contaminated air. This has resulted in a global catastrophe. Therefore, nations that have survived are desperate to develop technology for finding clean air and distributing it to as many as possible throughout the world. Air farming is a worldwide industry needed to capture and distribute cleaner air to countries whose governments are either able to afford it or are lucky enough to win a limited number of rotating subsidy contracts. As a result a sub-industry, Air-scavenging, has risen and feeds off the industrial byproducts of air farm production. Which is pure air trapped inside massive sheets of ice that fall from the air farm collectors. This valuable commodity, called Blue Gold, is fiercely sought after by rival companies and even bandits - sold at the highest price to the world\'s wealthiest elite. One of these, a Patreon, however, uses his resources to fund a reputable Air scavenger outfit that collects and gives out this life-saving resource to some of the most impoverished communities around the world who otherwise would have no chance to receive the air.