Joslyn Jude Yabut



  • Animation
  • Storyboard Design
  • Character Animation
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Baa, the sweetheart of the city, has been rumored to keep valuable treasures in her quarters. Shi, a hired blade, is sent to infiltrate her premises. However, what\'s inside is not what they think. - Shibaa is a student film produced at College for Creative Studies in 2023. The entirety produced independently under an entire school year. Responsible for everything: character animation, boarding, design, and compositing.

Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection

Student Film made under 48 hours as a part of the College for Creative Studies 48 Hour Challenge under the team name \"Furries in Acceptance\", winning 3rd place. Prompt: Life finds a way. - Personally responsible for compositing, storyboarding, and parts of the character animation, all done within a 48 hour time limit.