David Miller-Castellano



  • Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Digital Illustration
Employment Badge


This is my In Progress Junior film I am making here at CCS. This film has been a great testing ground for my animations and background work. I used the opportunity to research and develop the art of \"block printing\" and how I could implement that style into my film. I have physically carved blocks and scanned the ink prints to use as effects for some of the more chaotic moments of the film to exaggerate the juxtaposition set in the film.

HaHa Frog

HaHa Frog is a group film I ideated and directed for the Animation Production class. I was in charge of animating all the shots that the frog was in.

A Fable

A Fable is a group film my team and I made for the CCS 48-hour film contest. It won first place in this highly competitive contest and it was selected for the 9th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation. I was the team leader and art director, I was also in charge of making all the backgrounds and final compositing.