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Brenna Potter



  • Art and Design Education
  • Design Strategy
  • Motion/Interaction Design
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This project is [an unofficial] lyric video created for the song Paris by Taylor Swift. All of the animations were created in Adobe After Effects, using only simple motion keyframes. I wanted to create a storyline, referencing y2k aesthetics and a home movie feel in the beginning. I had a lot of fun designing this piece, and spent a lot of time getting the timing of the beats perfect to the lyrics.


Jewel was developed as a collaborative project with The Henry Ford Museum: the project began with a tour of their archives, finding forgotten pieces of history. I chose an antique Jewellers sign, and built an entire typeface around it, with a simplified and complex version.

Three E Experience

Three E Experience

The Three E Experience, Exercise Energize Enjoy, is a creative approach to battling pollution rates within Detroit, MI. The system features multiple themed bus stops, each based on the location, with interactive elements. These elements allow people to exercise and get involved in a fun and engaging way during their commutes, all while creating energy to power nearby streetlights!

Roadside Attraction #826

Roadside Attraction #826

Roadside Attraction #826 is the result of a research-based, and iterative process to develop a branch of 826 National. While this is an hypothetical brand, the 826 organization is real, and empowers students across the US with their writing and tutoring programs for K-12 students. At the center of this brand identity is Roadside Attraction #826’s mission: the understanding that you’re mostly stopping to stretch you legs, and to provide convenient and quick supplies to continue on your way, as well as supporting our more frequent visitors in literacy.