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Light Runner

Light Runner

This project, created in January 2022, was a project intended to be designed as a B-segment vehicle. By taking the general briefing, and adding a twist of 4-D Printing technology, the sporty and sleek vehicle slowly came to life. By May of 2022, a clay model was built to represent its design and 3D stance. The 4-D printed solar panels autonomously adjust to the sun\'s angle, and the entire body panels have the ability to warp and shift, when applied a source of energy - like heat, or light. Overall, the project provided an efficient method of traversing semi-rugged territory while still using eco-friendly techniques and activities.


This Recreational camper was a briefing provided by American Chemistry Council, generating an eco-friendly recreational vehicle and mobile studio / workspace. This specific model was intended to an archaeologist - somebody who would require more industrial tools to help with digging, and analyzing the topography of the ground. The interior would be developed with Interface Tiles, a carpet that has a modular, removable tile feature, and DuPont, who would produce the necessary plastics, nylons and polymers for this project. In