MFA Design for Climate Action

The CCS program in Design for Climate Action brings together interdisciplinary perspectives to tackle the climate change emergency from multiple angles. Embracing a world view, students learn to use design tool kits, creative thinking, and persuasive narratives in advancing systemic change and climate justice.

CCS’s unique Design for Climate Action program invites applications from designers and non-designers of all kinds, bringing together broad multidisciplinary mindsets for interdisciplinary collaboration. The program fosters an understanding of zero-waste materials and processes, circular economies, civic infrastructures, and environmental stewardship. At its heart is the drive to bring about change in existing systems and transition to structures that reverse global heating and uphold climate justice and global equity.

Based in the middle of Detroit, a city rejuvenating from the ground up, students work on projects that mirror real-life challenges. As they explore solutions and interventions that are design-driven and, where possible, use stakeholder co-design, they further their knowledge and skills—as well as their understanding of community engagement and grassroots-level activism.

Design for Climate Action is currently a STEM-designated program. International students completing this program qualify to apply for the STEM OPT (optional practical training) extension.


No current students but check back soon!

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